New York City is the largest city in America and one of the largest cities in the world! Between classes, outreaches, chapels, sites, parks, food spots, coffee shops, sporting events, concerts, and just plain exploring, there will never be a shortage of things to do.


We trust that you will not only grow tremendously in your relationship with the Lord while you are here, but that you will have a ton of fun doing it!


Q: What airport should I fly into?

A:  LaGuardia (LGA) is 15 minutes from campus and John F Kennedy (JFK) is 30 minutes away. We would suggest avoiding Newark International airport as you may save a buck on a flight, but you'll make up for it on ground transportation and time. Though Newark isn't far in distance, it can take an additional 2-3 hours or so to get to the MNYBA.

*Estimated times are contingent on traffic.

Q: How do we get from the airport to campus?

A:  We will provide airport pick up and drop off for student arrival and departures.

Q: Is the neighborhood that the campus is located in  safe?

A: Yes. Not only is the MNYBA a facility that is secured by digital pin codes in order to gain access, but it is also in an affluent residential area of the city.

Q: What is public transportation like?

A:  There is a major subway station less than a block from Campus that can have you in Times Square within 5 minutes. The subway cost $2.75 which includes a free transfer. There are also tons of restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, pharmacy, shopping, etc. within walking distance of campus. There are a bunch of great apps that help you get around as well as staff members that will show you the ropes.


Q: What about Food?

A:  As a part of tuition, you will be given a $50 allowance each Monday. We have a large dining hall and a massive kitchen with plenty of storage and cooking space.

Q: Is there a cost to sit in on classes?

A:  No. As long as it is cleared with the staff you are more than welcome to sit in on classes. You will not get any credit for attending, but will definitely be enriched by the experience.

Q: Can I enroll as a student at CCBC NYC and live off campus?

A: Yes. Your tuition rate will differ from full time - on campus students. (see tuition page)

Q: Can I enroll part time and take a class or two?

A:  Yes. Contact us for pricing information.

Q: Can family & friends visit me?

A: Yes. We can get them a great rate to stay on campus as well.

Q: Laundry?

A:  The MNYBA has a laundry facility on campus.

Q: Do we stay in dorms?

A:  Yes. There are separate Men and Women's dorms. The dorms are fully furnished and include bunk beds.

Q: Aside from the given items (clothes, toiletries, school supplies) what else should we bring?

A: Sheets, towel, pillows, and shower shoes. All of which you can purchase for super cheap at a Target or Walmart out here.

more questions?

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